The Benefits Of Membership You're guaranteed to see an original movie of different genres 24/7. No reruns, no commercals, just the movie.

The members are entitled to vote on their favorite film which will be included into the 1st annual "MISA" aka "MOVBU INTERNET SHORT AWARDS" and the "MIFA" aka "MOVBU INTERNET FILM AWARDS".

It will be our red carpet film awards show but only better. Your voting will reflect the film, and at the end of the year there will be an online film awards show.

Coming soon the Black Online Business Directory the best place where you can have a 30 second commercial of your business along side your website to promote your company on the web. Everything from daycare, resturants, clothing, nail, beauty, health, cooking, vacations, clubs, etc will be shown online.

The Advantage Opportunity Purchase an ad space here, and we'll film your commercial. This is a fantastic opportunity for the small business owner to showcase their business.

Pay- per- view Movbu Films Web Movie Prices $5.99 a month!

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