Cast & Crew

MOVBU Films wants to thank you for your interest to be a part of the filming community. If you are an actor or want to be part of a production crew then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Keep in mind there will be a $25 head shot fee to be enrolled into our data base for future productions. Once selected, you'll be informed on where to attend for registration and photo shoot.

In return you'll gain more experience with a reel, and IMDB credit for your hard work.

Looking forward to seeing you in films.

Warmest Regards,

Upcoming Projects

The next projects in development are:

  •    Glow Face
  •    Market Street Killer aka Ladies Night
  •    Crackdown
  •    Crooked
  •    Down by Honor
  •    Be Warned
  •    Every Dog Has His Day
  •    The NOTA Project
  •    We Send A Message


Email your headshot, resume, & acting link to:


Email your resume, & links to: