The Actor

Producer | Director | Actor | Cameraman | Writer

Charley Rice is rapidly positioning himself to become Hollywood's next up and coming leading diverse action film actor.

Charley Rice had a passionate vision long before he moved to Los Angeles, California. With his many talents which include fight coordinator, modeling, cameraman, jib crane, producer, executive producer, make up fxs, photography, writing, storyboarding, scoring sound design, film editing, loaction scout, prop desinger, and directing, his boundless energy has gotten him to be a multi-talented individual with a strong drive to portray diverse individuals as positive role models for people of color.

He's been in numberous productions such as the very first diverse video game superhero character named Luke Cord, for Tattoo Assassians.

Later appearing in films

  •    The Ultimate Game
  •    The Guardian, Surrender
  •    Toyota Switch
  •    Mercy for Angels
  •    Angels in the Outfield
  •    Snoop Dogg the Vapors
  •    Black Dragon
  •    Where's my Brother
  •    Sellin Weed
  •    The Caller
  •    Heddie Murphy: Back to Hollywood
  •    Soulkeeper
  •    Jay Leno Show
  •    The Dating Game
  •    Is it Friday Yet For Black Panther   Watch Video here
  •    RENZGOD   Watch Video here
just to name a few.

His first action film Black Dragon has won the prestigious Accolade Awards and has been in several screenings this past year including the Bitpix tv internet show Hollywood or Hollywouldn't.