The Actor

Producer | Director | Actor | Cameraman | Writer

Charley Rice is quickly establishing himself as the upcoming leading, varied action picture actor in Hollywood.

Long before he relocated to Los Angeles, California, Charley Rice had a passionate goal. He is a multi-talented individual with a strong desire to portray diverse people as positive role models for people of color. His many talents include fight coordinator, modeling, cameraman, jib crane, producer, executive producer, make-up fx, photography, writing, storyboarding, scoring sound design, film editing, location scouting, prop designer, and directing. His boundless energy has also helped him become an accomplished actor.

He has appeared in a variety of shows, including Tattoo Assassins' Luke Cord, the first diverse video game superhero.

Later appearing in films

  •    The Ultimate Game
  •    The Guardian, Surrender
  •    Toyota Switch
  •    Mercy for Angels
  •    Angels in the Outfield
  •    Snoop Dogg the Vapors
  •    Black Dragon
  •    Where's my Brother
  •    Sellin Weed
  •    The Caller
  •    Heddie Murphy: Back to Hollywood
  •    Soulkeeper
  •    Jay Leno Show
  •    The Dating Game
just to name a few.

His first action film Black Dragon has won the prestigious Accolade Awards and has been in several screenings this past year including the Bitpix tv internet show Hollywood or Hollywouldn't.